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You asked about year-end planning, and our experts responded

group around a computer.jpgWith 2017 right around the corner, you might be thinking, “Where did the time go, and what should I be doing about year-end performance planning?” Luckily, we did a recent “Ask the Experts” session that covered this topic

Ask the Experts is a live, open Q&A forum where the audience can interact with our experts for advice and guidance around talent management topics in general, and SAP SuccessFactors in particular.

In November, our experts were Del Rae Grose, VP of Services and Kelsey Cooper, Senior Principal Consultant, Talent Management Services, both of whom have many years of hands-on experience and expertise in the SAP SuccessFactors product and talent management practices.

Here are some of the topics and questions that were asked in the discussion, along with a link to the recording:

What is the benefit of looking at the 2017 schedule for potential impacts?

SAP SuccessFactors has quarterly releases, and as with any release cycle, there is always a chance there will be adverse and unintended impacts. It’s our recommendation that you do not push form changes immediately after a release. Knowing what the schedule is and when things are going to impact your server is important, but there are also impacts in other areas, like quick start guides. For example, if you plan to upgrade to the new home page, you should understand when and how it will impact your training materials and supporting documentation.

You also want to incorporate the release schedule into your governance planning so people in your organization know what’s expected of them. In addition, you’ll want to consider impacts to other modules like recruiting, learning, etc.

Is there any guidance available from SAP SuccessFactors or partners as to what to pay attention to for other modules?

Currently, there isn’t any content from SAP SuccessFactors on how to prepare for year-end planning. However, about a year ago, we presented a webinar on this topic and provided a checklist that will help you with year-end planning for the Talent modules. We agree that this is something that would be helpful if developed and offered by SAP SuccessFactors themselves for all the modules, but most organizations generally create a standard operating procedure (SOP) for their own individual environments.

Should we start to keep a roadmap document to keep track of releases?

Yes, planning for when you’ll be updating your system is important, but you should also be keeping a governance log where you document changes and other critical system information. Most organizations bundle their changes and develop a standard governance process for managing their releases. This helps them keep track of what’s coming, what the plans are, impacts to end users and training materials, and ensures all system owners are aware of what is happening in the system. If you’d like to talk with one of our consultants about governance around SuccessFactors – this is an area where we can help you quickly develop a system and process.

How frequently should we update the homepage, and how do we govern content changes

The homepage is a great feature because it’s role based. You can control everything – from who sees certain content all the way to who manages the page real estate. Tools like tiles and dashboards can be included on the home page based on who is looking at them.. Your homepage should be a living, breathing space that supports your organization’s processes. .


There were many other great questions from the audience. If you found these helpful and are interested in learning more, watch the video  Watch Now

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Del Rae Grose

Del Rae is Vice President, Services at 3D Results. She is an innovative and practical leader, leveraging 28 years in Human Resources strategy, process improvement, and deep knowledge of technological systems in order to architect business solutions.

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