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You asked about WFA and ORD, and our experts responded

17 March, 2017 Dan Gradows 0 Comments

Group Presentation.jpgAsk the Experts is a live, open Q&A forum where the audience can interact with our experts for advice and guidance. This time, we covered data science and analytics topics in general, and SAP SuccessFactors in particular.

In January, I was joined by fellow experts, Danny McGuinness, CTO; Jamie Strnisha, Senior Principal Consultant; and Kamil Mysiak, Consultant, all of whom have many years of hands-on experience and expertise in the SAP SuccessFactors product.

Here are some of the topics and questions that were asked in the discussion, along with a link to the recording:

What best practices in reporting have you seen for HR hybrid implementations combining HR data in the cloud and on premise? (Danny/Jamie)

We’ve seen that use of SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics (WFA) and Workforce Planning (WFP) is a great way to combine cloud and on-premise HR data. The key is to think about your strategy before you decide what application to use. Look at which metrics matter to your organization and align them with your business strategy — this will pave the way to what you’ll need in terms of reports and metrics packs. It’s important to think about what your source of data or source of truth is because that’s where most organizations get stuck.

What are you seeing for HR KPIs? Anything new than what you’ve seen in the past? (Kamil)

KPIs are dependent on the data or information you have in the system. You should use any relevant information available to you, for example, employee engagement is a great predictor of performance. Once you’ve done this, you can aggregate it in to one data model and then start building your metrics. In addition, the most important thing when it comes to metrics is what questions are you trying to answer? Most of the time clients get stuck on where to start, and my suggestion is to start by determining what questions you need answered and what the solutions might be. Also, keep asking yourself why do you need these questions answered and how can you do so? It’s less about what the new, cool fad is out there for metrics and it’s more about what metrics are unique to your organization’s needs.

With the recent retirement of Dashboards 1.0 what data is available and why should people move to Dashboards 2.0, other than the fact the 1.0 is gone? (Dan)

For starters, the visualizations are much better in Dashboards 2.0 and it leverages role based permissions. In general, Dashboards 2.0 has a user interface that is easier to understand and work with. There are always new additional capabilities coming to 2.0, and SAP SuccessFactors is constantly updating the platforms. It’s a great operational tool that gives you quick insight on your homepage to see information at a glance, for example, recruiting - how many folks you hired, average time to fill, average age, etc. As this feature matures it’s going to get even better and can be a great tool if used in the right context. It’s important to note however, that you cannot transfer 1.0 to 2.0, this requires a complete rebuild.

Do you offer any classes on WFA and ORD? Is there a tutorial for how to create graphs and charts in ORD? (Kamil)

Yes, we do on site workshops or virtual sessions. We offer these on a per client basis and have done multi-client, on site workshops as well. In terms of tutorials, we do 1-4 hour virtual sessions for clients to get them to a comfortable level. SAP SuccessFactors has helpful tutorials that can be found in the SAP Learning HUB. If you’re a client and interested, reach out to a 3D Results representative to learn more about how you can schedule a workshop or a virtual session.


There were many other great questions from the audience. If you found these helpful and are interested in learning more, watch the video Watch Now

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Dan Gradows

Dan Gradows is Service Director, Data Science with 3D Results. He has over 15 years of experience as a results-driven leader across multiple industries.

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