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You Asked About Recruiting, Recruiting Marketing, and Onboarding, and Our Experts Responded

28 October, 2016 Dana Crosby Recruiting 0 Comments

diverse group of successful people.jpgOur “Ask the Experts” live, open Q&A forum is a monthly program where the audience interacts with our experts for advice and guidance around talent management topics in general, and SAP SuccessFactors in particular.

Joining me in this month’s expert’s panel on all topics related to recruiting, were Ian Poznik, Kelly Rasmussen, and Lindsay Jauss, all of whom have many years of hands-on experience and expertise in the SAP SuccessFactors product and recruiting practice.

Here are some highlights of what we discussed, along with a link to the recorded session:

How would you approach a business requirement for a private, external posting? How can the data be more reportable?

Sometimes, organizations have instances where a posting must be private – either for a position that may not have been vacated yet or for an executive level only position. In this instance, the organization may not prefer to share these open requisitions publicly. Normally, a standard Recruiting Marketing (RMK) posting would go out to a career site builder (CSB) or RMK site and be available for anyone searching for a job on the site to see. However, if this standard posting is configured by a partner, you will be able to have an external, private posting that will go to a private URL where only people who have been granted access will be able to apply. In terms of reporting for that posting, you will be able to tell where a requisition was posted and extract data to tell who came through via the career site through the built in Advanced Analytics tool.

How are other organizations using Recruiting Marketing (RMK)? What are the benefits?

Organizations using RMK benefit from increased quality of candidates and reduced cost on sourcing. The data that comes from the Advanced Analytics tool helps organizations adjust where needed from a spending perspective. There’s also the capability of search engine optimization (SEO) that helps increase web presence. Your RMK site is a place where potential candidates come to apply for a job and it’s one of the best places to do branding. It is also the place where, if the applicant doesn’t apply, but offers some of their background information (name, email, etc.), it helps increase your sourcing pool with warm candidates. These warm candidates are the exact people you market to via email or pinpoint marketing.

What are the significant lost opportunities for not having Recruiting Marketing?

The biggest loss would be the benefit of implementing Advanced Analytics which is part of the SuccessFactors RMK platform. Advanced Analytics allows you to delve into source effectiveness. It can tell you which sources are giving you the best candidates and cost per hire. Another loss would be SEO and job distribution services and being able to get jobs out to the right candidates and ensuring your career site is searchable. There’s also the loss of branding, being able to tell your story and your company culture, and the development of a talent pool.

We have some business units that use E-Verify and some that don’t, is that something the Onboarding system can handle?

E-Verify is complicated, since there are a lot of different ways that a company can use it. Some companies may have some business units that use E-verify and others that don’t. To tackle this, your company needs to plan ahead and use what is called “corporate structure” in Onboarding to set up business rules and processes so that E-Verify requirements can be accommodated.

What are the benefits of implementing the Onboarding New Employee Portal in tandem with the Onboarding product?

New Employee Portal is a new feature in SuccessFactors that allows your organization to have greater socialization and to reach new hires before they start. It basically allows the new hire to get information about the company and it can be tailored specifically for that hire. It’s helpful to implement this feature in tandem with the Onboarding product so you have a holistic view of what the new hire’s experience is going to be all the way from RMK through to their first day of work. This makes the process efficient, and more and more clients are embracing that. 


There were many other great questions from the audience. If you found these helpful and are interested in learning more, watch the video. Watch Now

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Dana Crosby

Dana is Service Director, Recruiting Services at 3D Results. She has over 15 years of experience in the HR field.

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