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Winning the War for Talent with the Candidate Experience

Fotolia_82113044_XS.jpgRecently, I was a guest on an SAP Radio session focused on “Winning the War on Talent with the Candidate Experience.” Along with our host, Bonnie Graham, Tiffany Williams, Solution Adoption Consultant, Jeff Mills, Director of Solution Management at SAP, and I discussed a variety of issues around candidates’ expectations and the importance of an employer brand for attracting top talent.

It’s important to understand that today’s war for talent is different than it was a decade ago. With the rapid development and pervasive nature of mobile technology, human resources is under pressure to attract talent by providing a consumer-grade experience.

According to Roy Williams, a well-renowned marketing expert, “The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” This has worked for organizations marketing to their consumers so far, so what can HR take from this? Well, HR should treat a candidate’s expectations the same way the organization treats their consumers’ expectations, and HR should market to candidates in a manner similar to the way the organization markets to consumers.

Similarly, for candidates to relate to your brand, they need to see the same branding on your career site as the organization uses on its customer-facing sites. And, it should be just as easy for candidates to apply to apply for a job as it is for customers to purchase your product or service.

The same principles apply. Candidates expect clean, simple navigation on a career site without having to spend too much time looking. They want the full application process through their mobile device. Candidates are expecting the same brand experience when they search for jobs as they get when they shop for products.

Tiffany provided good advice as well. She noted that in the world of talent acquisition we have to be mindful of our customers and our candidates. As you look into different HCM technologies, it becomes important to consider how those technologies will best align with your overall organizational strategy and the talent you are trying to attract.

The war on talent is more crucial now than it was five or ten years ago. This begs the question “Has the candidate become the customer?” and the answer is yes. With the trends we’re seeing now, the roles between HR (particularly recruiting) and marketing are beginning to blur. Both departments are looking to create that end to end experience and cohesive branding that people have come to know and expect today where candidates are customers and customers are candidates.

We explored this, and other topics further. Listen to the full session.

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Stacy Alsides

Stacy Alsides is Service Director, Recruiting Services at 3D Results. She has spent the last ten years working in Recruiting, eight of which has been in the SAP SuccessFactors ecosystem.

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