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Why You Should Take The HR Systems Survey Today

The 2015-2016 HR Systems Survey by Sierra-Cedar ‑ the longest running, most participative survey currently in the HR industry ‑ is available until June 30 for people who would like to contribute to this benchmark research. Its objective is to “study the roadmaps that organizations navigate and decisions they make regarding technology, integrations, processes, and people when building an empowered HR function that serves the workforce and supports organizational outcomes.” The focus is to provide practical data on emerging technology trends that help organizations capitalize on them

The 2014-2015 survey covered:

  • The intersections between HR technology and HR strategy
  • Process and structure
  • Current and future adoption plans for HR technology solutions, including administrative, workforce management, talent management, and HR analytics
  • HR technology deployment roadmaps, including resourcing and budgets, implementation, maintenance, and integration practices
  • Practical data on emerging and innovative technology
  • Connections between enterprise outcomes and HR processes and technology

Specifically related to HR technology application adoption, the survey found that it indirectly resulted in improved organizational results through improved HR and talent outcomes and was linked to increased financial performance (return on equity).

This year’s survey includes all the mentioned data above and will continue its broad coverage of application adoption and value achieved, as well as the topics of resourcing, budgets and expenditures, process maturity, and emerging technologies. New features include:

  • More branching and logic to help you complete the survey in minimal time
  • A personalized data snapshot filtered by size, industry, or region
  • An advance copy of the Sierra-Cedar 2015–2016 HR Systems Survey, 18th Annual Edition White Paper in early October 2015

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If your organization wants an in depth analysis of the HR systems landscape and what it might mean for your organizational success.

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Rebecca Hirschfield

Rebecca Hirschfield is the Director of Marketing at 3D Results

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