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Why You Should Consider Recruiting Marketing in your Overall Talent Strategy

Business person planning.jpgThere are plenty of challenges facing recruiters when it comes to attracting top talent. Some of these may sound familiar to you:

  • Mobile Recruiting – Candidates expect a full mobile experience, with the ability to search and apply for jobs from their mobile device
  • Talent Analytics – You may need to go to a variety of sources to get data
  • Employer Branding – Difficulties conveying your reputation as an employer outside of the organization’s general corporate brand value proposition to customers
  • Candidate Quality – More candidates are not necessarily better than quality candidates
  • Passive Candidate Recruiting – Organizations want to keep passive candidates engaged so they can tap into this talent pool when they need to hire

These challenges demand more than “just” a career site, they require recruiting marketing. Recruiting marketing is where an organization applies marketing best practices to create data-driven, dynamic programs to attract and engage top talent. Recruiting marketing allows you to take action from insights, build and reinforce brand, increase quality of hire, encourage engagement, and use a multi- channel approach to reach candidates.

SAP SuccessFactors offers a Recruiting Marketing module where you have the ability to implement these practices, along with additional features like dashboards, analytics, and job posting capabilities.

What is Career Site Builder?

Career site builder (introduced in early 2016) was a major enhancement to the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing (RMK) offering. It is a self-service tool to build and maintain a career site on top of the powerful RMK engine, with only limited outside help needed to get started. The best part is, any non-technical person can use the platform effectively and efficiently to maintain the site going forward.

Career Site Builder and Envision

We presented a webinar session around recruiting marketing with Envision – a healthcare company that recruits nationwide – where we talked about their recruiting marketing capabilities, especially around career site builder.

The real game changer for Envision was that career site builder allows for real time updates which are critical for the company’s various brand offerings. Ultimately, Envision is able to:

  • Have its recruiters spend less time actively sourcing candidates
  • Have candidates find jobs easily
  • Clearly segment its audiences for job marketing campaigns
  • Easily perform site updates
  • Have all 11 brands up and running with their own branding


3D Results implemented career site builder at Envision in just under 5 weeks. The product allowed Envision to overcome its recruiting challenges which were preventing it from effectively attracting top talent and building a talent community.

For more information around Recruiting Marketing and Career Site Builder, view our webinar on the topic [CTA: RMK & CSB webinar]

 For further reading, read our blog post: 3 Things You Need to Know about SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder or this blog post by Jeff Mills, Director, Solutions Management at SAP.

To see a site already using career site builder, visit our implementation of career site builder on the 3D Results job site or Envision’s job site

Or contact us to speak with one of our experts.


Kelly Rasmussen

Kelly is a Senior Consultant at 3D Results and is a part of our Recruiting Services team. She focuses on Recruiting Marketing.

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