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What’s on the Horizon for the 2017 SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management Releases?

businessman with 2017 numbers as starting line.jpgWith 2017 right around the corner, here are some of the exciting new features coming with the year’s SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management releases.

  • Fiori Styling – Enables applications to be used on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Fiori provides a more modern and consistent user experience. This is available via the Upgrade center. Once you enable the Fiori UX, it will affect all your SAP SuccessFactors modules, so prepare your users for a significant change to the user interface.
  • Home Page v3 – Offers new and existing tiles, role-based permissions control, and enables screen size adjustments on different devices. Also available via the Upgrade center, this provides a modern user experience and greater consistency across SAP applications.  
  • Performance & Goals v11 –The official end of life for v11 is Q2 of 2019. Performance v12 Acceleration includes Continuous Performance Management (CPM) integration, Ask for Feedback, and Attachments. Goal Management v12 includes Continuous Performance Management(CPM) integration, Team Goals, and Initiatives. Most features can be turned on from the admin center.
  • Continuous Performance Management – The first true, new Talent ‘module,’ CPM allows you and your manager to track activities you work on, links activities to business and development goals, captures coaching for team members, and integrates with Performance, Goals, & Calibration.
  • Succession v12 – All sub-modules within the Succession module are currently available in the v12 user interface. This includes a Succession Org Chart, Talent Pools, Position Tile View, Talent Search, and 9 box Matrices (beta). This allows for a consistent user experience throughout the Succession sub-modules and the system overall.
  • People Profile – This is the new user interface for Employee Profile and Employee Central. It includes the new Fiori style modern user experience, and supports all major functionality from the old Employee Profile and Employee Central. The simple, modern visual design consolidates all the employee profile information on one easy-to read, scrolling page.
  • New Login Page – The new login page is customizable and includes the theme manager ‘Login Style’ which includes the ability to add a company logo, login button, and choose the color scheme of your login footer.

The 2017 release schedule will be as follows: Q1 and Q4 releases will have restricted content and Q2 and Q3 releases will include new functionality as well as architectural improvements to existing capabilities. This will ultimately reduce the amount of regression and integration testing that partners and customers must perform.

For information on the new talent management releases coming in 2017, watch our comprehensive and informative webinar: Rethink Your Performance Management with SAP SuccessFactors New Talent Management Releases Watch Now

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