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Under Armour: Scoring big in recruiting efforts

Fotolia_70301317_XSUnder Armour, a fast growing sportswear company consisting of 145 retail stores and over 10,400 employees, needed a big win when it came to enhancing its recruiting processes. A new face in the sportswear scene not too long ago, Under Armour has made its mark with its innovative designs and unique approach. Under Armour launched its career portal and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) from SuccessFactors in 2012 and started receiving an average of 30,000 resumes per month. The sheer volume impacted UnderArmour’s ability to staff and open stores. A year later it began using HireVue – a digital interviewing platform – and realized it wanted to do something a little different.

The drive toward this goal began when Troy Barnett, Under Armour’s senior director of Corporate Services Technology saw the opportunity to seamlessly integrate the SuccessFactors ATS and HireVue to eliminate “double touches” by linking information between the two and allowing managers and recruiters to do their jobs more efficiently. For Barnett, finding the right partner was an important consideration. 3D Results was already working with Under Armour on the ATS, and had earned Barnett’s respect. Barnett recalls that the mere fact that 3D Results was willing to engage in such a project “spoke volumes of the company.” For Under Armour, The 3D Results integration that connected HireVue with SuccessFactors was an important piece of a high performance solution for creating and reviewing its candidate pool and effectively solving its business challenges.

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Permanand Singh

Permanand is a Solution Architect at 3D Results. He has 25 years of experience in technical systems, 20 of which have been heavily involved with HRIS systems.

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