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People Analytics: State of the Industry

“What is the current state of the People Analytics industry?” 

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3 Top Trends from HR Tech 2017

Another successful HR Technology conference has come and gone! This year, we experienced a subjective increase in overall participation by both solution-providers and customers – a good indicator for the health of the HR technology marketplace...

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5 Steps to Save You from Drowning in a Sea of Data

30 August, 2016 Linda Moeller Data Science

There is no shortage of data. As MIT Technology Review Senior Editor, Antonio Regalado noted, less than 1% of data is ever analyzed. Many of us are drowning in a sea of data while thirsting for knowledge. Faced with this, executives are...

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3DR Cube - Because Excel is NOT an Olympic sport!

16 August, 2016 Linda Moeller Data Science

Most HCM environments today are a combination of multiple systems, including HRIS, Payroll, Recruiting, Goals, Performance, Learning, Succession, and more. The volume of HCM data and its complexity increase as applications and business demands...

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Building an Analytics Team for Human Resources - Part 2

23 November, 2015 Jamie Strnisha Data Science

In Part 1 of “Building an Analytics Team for Human Resources,” I talked about how I’ve often found that HR tries to manage analytics out of the HRIS department and that in 75% of the organizations where I’ve seen this occur, the organization...

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Building an Analytics Team for Human Resources - Part 1

10 November, 2015 Jamie Strnisha Data Science

Recently I’ve been talking to a number of customers about how to structure and build an analytics team for Human Resources. Often, the customer is asking about an analytics team, but when I dive deeper into the conversation, I realize they’re...

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The Importance of Understanding and Identifying Employee Absence Behavior

21 September, 2015 Jamie Strnisha Data Science

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about tracking, reporting, and analytics for employee absence following a long project that I completed with a Canadian customer to implement the SuccessFactors Absence Management Metrics Pack. I also recently...

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Moneyball: Using Baseball to Better Understand Workforce Analytics

I’m a pretty avid baseball fan, especially when it comes to my hometown team, the Washington Nationals. But, it wasn’t until I learned how to keep score and understand the data and analytics that are inherently part of baseball, that I really...

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Workforce Analytics: Two Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Jumping Into SuccessFactors Reporting

I recently attended a two-day SuccessFactors VIP Event at Allstate for customers interested in reporting and analytics.If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of these events, I highly recommend it – it is a great opportunity to learn more...

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Why HR Professionals Must Develop Analytics Competencies

25 March, 2015 Carl Schleyer Data Science

According to, “people analytics attempts to remove gut instinct, intuition and human biases from talent management in order to make workforce decisions in an evidence-based and data-driven way.” This is also known as workforce...

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