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3 Top Trends from HR Tech 2017

flame.jpgAnother successful HR Technology conference has come and gone! This year, we experienced a subjective increase in overall participation by both solution-providers and customers – a good indicator for the health of the HR technology marketplace and ultimately the introduction of new, innovative solutions from both the establishment and a vital start-up community. As we waited for our flights home, we reflected on the hot topics and most important themes we noticed last week in Vegas. Some, like the branded fidget spinners that were ubiquitous, indulged in unproductive and near-obsolete fads… (Really, do we need to provide employees with mindless ways to occupy their time at work when we could just give them more rewarding things to do? If so, isn’t that market already owned by Facebook refreshes?!). But we were also excited to observe mostly promising trends.

The convergence of VR and HR. Virtual Reality (commonly known as VR), the once gamer’s-only technology, was everywhere at HR Tech 2017. Gamification of VR leadership situational training, recruiting interview coaching, and even mindfulness meditation apps had many attendees walking around, headsets on, sometimes letting out “oohs” and “aaahs,” and sometimes fighting a bit of motion sickness! The impact VR could have on HR is invigorating. The mindfulness VR app, for example, is perfect for those companies that can’t afford dual bio-domes (Amazon) or space ship HQs (Apple).  Simply throw on a VR headset and chill under a waterfall or on a beach after that never-ending budget meeting with accounting. HR is suddenly getting pretty cool, right? And there’s more… 

Artificial Intelligence. Once a futurist promise, has arrived in full force! HR Tech 2017 saw a tremendous focus on opportunities to utilize AI within HR business processes, to increase efficiencies, and to drive consistent applications of decision science. The future of AI within HR will undoubtedly bring interesting applications that have not been previously contemplated, beyond the emerging work in automated applicant screening, suggesting targeted training courses, and answering and directing questions during onboarding. But along with this amazing potential will also come serious considerations around ethical and legal frameworks for engaging with these advancements, those that will help us to determine what we should do versus simply what we can do. The next wave of HR/IT jobs may very well not be in process and coding, but in programming ethics for the Artificial Intelligence being used. Struggling with hidden biases that can so easily be programmed without realization or explanation to those impacted by "automatic" outcomes will profoundly impact the use of AI in Human Capital Management.

Data Analytics. As “data,” “big data,” and all the other catchphrases are coming out of the trough of disillusionment, operational reporting and real-time people analytics are changing rapidly from an end-of-the-roadmap consideration to a design element that is essential at kickoff of HCM implementations.  Challenges remain for HCM system-providers to bring an in-house solution to extract, transform, and unify all data sets from critical yet disparate systems (e.g. Core HCM, Engagement, Pre-Hire Assessment, Background Check, Payroll, et cetera) into one relevant and cohesive HR data model. Some of the applications we saw offer data model unification capability, but no data extraction, transformation, or visualization capabilities. Conversely, those solutions that may have extraction, transformation, or visualization features fail to apply the data such that it delivers meaningful results, having been developed or administered with no HR background to formulate necessary KPIs and metrics that matter. See how 3D Results has solved for all those challenges and more with 3DR Cube.

Time to pull off that VR Headset and drop the fidget spinner, let’s get back to work! We hope you had as much fun at HR Tech as we did or if you didn’t make it, enjoyed our recap.

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Danny McGuinness

Danny is the CTO at 3D Results. He is a dynamic Information Technology (IT) and Human Capital Management (HCM) executive with over 25 years of robust experience delivering results-oriented consulting and IT solutions to Fortune 500 organizations.

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