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Supporting your SAP SuccessFactors System: How Many Admins Do You Need?

Meeting_around_table.jpgOne of the questions I get asked the most from clients is “How many administrators will I need to support my SAP SuccessFactors system?” The answer to the question is complex, and depends on more than the number of employees in your organization and the number of modules you have implemented. There are other considerations you should explore to fully understand your admin roles and support model. For now, start by answering these questions:

  1. How many employees will be using the system?
  2. How many modules are you implementing?
  3. How complex is your system? (How many goal plans, performance forms, route map steps, roles, annual cycles, compensation forms, requisition forms, etc., does your organization have?)
  4. How many HR managers, leaders, and HR business partners will be supported?
  5. If you’re using a service center, how many tier 1 call center reps will you have? (They will be escalating tickets to your admins.)
  6. What tasks will be assigned to this role? (For example, working with the business, making changes in the system, overseeing security, testing and rolling out technology, reviewing and communicating quarterly releases, leading change management, conducting training, and managing documentation, etc.)
  7. Will they be responsible for monitoring integrations, researching, and correcting data elements?
  8. Will you have IT or HRIT support outside of the admin role?
  9. Who will be managing the program governance for your system? (This includes planning, monthly meetings, documentation, communication, impact analysis, tracking decisions, upgrades, etc.)

As you can see, the role of administrator can vary greatly in terms of the responsibility, breadth of support, and level of involvement they will have when it comes to managing the system. Also, if you have additional support personnel for some of these activities, the role can be smaller and fewer admins will be needed.

Where to start?

The best way to start is with a roles and responsibilities chart. Break down all the components of support you’ll need and decide which admin will be responsible for them and which other resources will be supported by them.

Once you have a good idea of what your admin will support, consider your audience. Anticipate the number of contacts, activities, and tasks per day across all your modules. Some tasks, like supporting the recruiting module and learning management system (LMS), are more constant, while performance may need very little support except during performance or compensation cycles where support generally peaks.

By answering the questions above and considering the roles and responsibilities of each of your admins, you should be able to calculate the number of admins you will need. In some cases, you can start slowly, as modules come on line and then grow over time. Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of your admins will help them succeed. In addition, doing your due diligence will help you identify the right candidate with the right skill set, thereby allowing your organization to utilize the SAP SuccessFactors system to its fullest.

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Del Rae Grose

Del Rae is Vice President, Services at 3D Results. She is an innovative and practical leader, leveraging 28 years in Human Resources strategy, process improvement, and deep knowledge of technological systems in order to architect business solutions.

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