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SuccesFactors Career Site Builder Continues to Change the Recruiting Marketing World

Recruiting-Marketing.jpgJust months after SuccessFactors Career Site Builder was released last year I wrote a post about why it was going to be a game changer for the Recruiting Marketing platform. Fast forward 16 months and they are still enhancing this product to meet the evolving world of recruiting marketing.  

We know this product is already ahead with mobile apply capabilities and self-service functionality; allowing easy management of employer branding initiatives. Career Site Builder also has talent remarketing strategies and detailed reporting to make data driven decisions and reduce overall recruiting spending. What more could this product provide to win us over?

My two favorite Career Site Builder enhancements came out this past year changing the way 3D Results implements for the better.

  1. Dynamic job page layouts - The job search has changed drastically over the years, remember when we used to read job descriptions in the paper? Now we have the pleasure of the web but it can get tiresome reading a text heavy, flat job description, especially if that is all your candidate will ever see when searching for jobs. With Career Site Builder's job page layouts you can create dynamic job description. Include videos, images and testimonials from real people in your organization. Candidates are behaving like consumers these days so let’s help serve them up with one stop shopping. Let them decide if the culture and the position is a good fit before we have them in for an interview.
  2. Custom CSB Plugin – When Career Site Builder was first rolled out it could seem restrictive for some clients. We had to utilize the components available within the tool, which made it difficult to meet some of the creative marketing needs of our clients. Today we can build our own custom components within the Career Site Builder tool making each site uniquely branded. The platform is built on the Bootstrap framework which means you don’t have to be an extreme developer to start building cool stuff on your site. We recently revamped our 3D Results career site to incorporate this custom component and it has allowed for a more seamless experience when candidates moved from our corporate site to our career site. When it comes to creative and unique sites the sky is the limit with the enhancement.

What will they think of next with this product?

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Kelly Rasmussen

Kelly is a Senior Consultant at 3D Results and is a part of our Recruiting Services team. She focuses on Recruiting Marketing.

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