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SAP SuccessFactors Performance: Upgrading from v11 to v12 Acceleration Forms

Fotolia_111918086_XS.jpgBy now you may have heard about the upgrade from SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management v11 to v12 Acceleration forms. By Q2 2018, your old performance forms will reach End of Maintenance (EoM) and those same forms will reach End of Life (EoL) a year later in Q2 2019. If you don’t know what this means or you haven’t done anything about it just yet, don’t panic! We can help you prepare.

You may be looking at that timeframe and thinking “I’ll worry about this in a year,” but there are advantages to upgrading your forms now. These are a few of the new features you can expect from v11 to v12 Acceleration:

  • New look and feel integrated with your system theme
  • Team Overview: a clear view of your team’s in-progress and completed workflow steps, grouped by launched performance reviews
  • Ask for Feedback: email internal and external contacts requesting performance feedback for your direct reports
  • Attachments: attach meaningful and supplemental documentation to performance review forms

Based on your organization’s future needs, you’ll need to decide which form(s) should be upgraded from PM v11 or PM v12 Revolution to PM v12 Acceleration.

Once you’ve decided that want to upgrade your forms, here are the steps we recommend you take to prepare for the upgrade:

  • Review SAP materials specific to PM v12 Acceleration
  • Review your current PM v11/PM v12R configurations and processes
  • Work on your internal change management needs
  • Seek feedback from other organizations already using PM v12 Acceleration

Work with your implementation partner

It’s important that you communicate with your implementation partner and ask them for more information about the upgrade and what your organization might need to do to get up to speed without any hitches. If 3D Results happens to be your partner, here’s what you can expect:

As a team, we will move through what we call the Discover, Develop, and Discipline stages of a project in order to ensure success.

During the discover stage, we will provide you and your team with a demo highlighting the unique features you get with Performance Management v12 Acceleration, and what changes you should start thinking about in order to effectively communicate with your end users. The look and feel of the updated forms is pretty dramatic.

During the development stage of the project (which will take most of the time and effort), we will upgrade the necessary forms from v11 to v12 Acceleration. You’ll need to make decisions about which new functionality your organization will introduce right away and what it will reserve for future cycles.

You can also expect configuration changes to get the PM form(s) working and adding value to your current performance process. The testing/validation piece is key for the success of the project. We will have two iterations to make sure everything is working correctly. As always, we will do all the work in your test environment first and will move everything to your production environment. Production testing and validation will be completed.

Finally, during the discipline stage of the project, we will provide and record training on v12 Acceleration functionality for system administrators. The administrator(s) will complete some prerequisite training to get up to speed on the new PM v12 Acceleration configuration through the SuccessFactors admin center.

From our experience, we have seen projects take an average of six weeks to upgrade forms from v11 to v12 Acceleration. While it appears you have plenty of time to get this done, our recommendation is that you start preparing for this upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of the new capabilities.

For more information on the enhancements for SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management and learn how to improve performance management in your organization with exciting new features from our webinar: Rethink Your Performance Management with SuccessFactors New Talent Management Releases. Watch Now

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Hernan Miller

Hernan is a Principal Consultant, Talent Management Services at 3D Results. He has over eight years of experience in the SAP SuccessFactors ecosystem.

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