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SAP SuccessFactors LMS: Assigning Multiple Supervisors to Employees to Enhance Learning and Development

Fotolia_79775934_XS.jpgFor most organizations that use the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management module for internal employees, supervisor identification is a straightforward task. However, for some organizations a single, primary supervisor may not be applicable. An employee or contractor may not have a supervisor assigned or may have multiple supervisors. In such situations, it’s useful to leverage functionality supporting multiple users operating as supervisors.

For example, in cell phone retail and licensed sales, the headquarters or primary organization may not have immediate and regular access to personnel data from licensed independent dealerships or resellers. Similarly, for retail, such as grocery chains or clothing stores, sales associates may have multiple managers depending on shift changes and schedule rotations. For these organizations, the SAP SuccessFactors Learning module offers alternative options to the traditional primary supervisor role.

When the headquarters function does not have insight into personnel changes at the branches or stores, it makes sense to identify a group of potential supervisors for an employee instead of just one. By assigning supervisory functionality to multiple users, it helps mitigate cases of a user suddenly being without a supervisor due to personnel changes of which the primary organization is unaware. In such cases, the SAP SuccessFactors LMS has two options available for giving a supervisory group appropriate visibility and action rights in their employees’ learning.

1. Alternate Supervisor(s)

This option allows an organization to designate one primary supervisor and up to 10 alternate supervisors for each employee. Alternate supervisors can perform all supervisory functions and receive most notifications for those employees. The system requires that one individual be identified as the primary supervisor for this option to be possible, but it provides flexibility for multiple supervisors to assign and monitor courses and curricula.

2. Delegate(s)

The delegate option requires the organization to specify one primary supervisor and then allows that supervisor to delegate authority to one or more other system users. The primary supervisor (or an admin with proxy rights) completes this action directly in the User Interface (UI). This will automatically apply to all users in the employee-supervisor reporting structure for that primary supervisor.

Supervisor delegation allows supervisors (delegators) to entrust others with their responsibilities within the learning environment. Delegation in SAP SuccessFactors Learning does not include responsibilities for the assessment and performance reviews of employees. A delegate is simply another user who is identified to perform the functions that the supervisor would normally perform in Learning only.


By permitting organizations to assign alternate supervisors, or allowing a primary supervisor to appoint a delegate, the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management system makes it possible to provide continuity for employees with a rotation of supervisors. The supervisors have more flexibility in tracking employee learning, while the employees have a seamless learning and development timeline.

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Rebekah Halkyard

Rebekah Halkyard is Principal Consultant, Learning Management Services at 3D Results. She has over eight years of experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS), and has completed over 15 SAP SuccessFactors LMS implementations.

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