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SAP SuccessFactors Implementation: Why Your Project Governance Team is Important

Fotolia_106865266_XS.jpgAn SAP SuccessFactors implementation can be a costly endeavor and can take a significant investment of project team members’ time. A common misperception is that once the system is up and running, it needs little further attention. The reality is, like any dynamic system, it needs care and maintenance.

Aligning the right resources to manage the system and business processes on an ongoing basis – in other words, having a governance program in place – is one of those final details that organizations often neglect to plan. When implementing a single SAP SuccessFactors module, the need for program governance is typically not as important. Post-go-live project support plans can take care of your needs. But if your implementation, like most organizations, includes multiple modules, business units, or process owners – then an SAP SuccessFactors program governance plan becomes critical. This includes having a clearly defined governance team.

So, who should be on the governance team? Because this team should have governance responsibility for the entire SAP SuccessFactors platform in your organization, it will ideally include representatives from HR and IT, as well as business representatives.

In my previous blog post, I talked specifically about project governance and team roles. I defined voice, vote, and veto and which team roles should have each respective characteristic. You can also view this webinar to get some first-hand tips around governance both during and after an implementation project.

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Toby Vitek, PhD

Toby is Director, Strategic Enablement at 3D Results. For over 20 years, Toby has helped organizations improve the quality of their talent decisions, ensure they have the leadership pipeline in place to execute their strategies, and implement talent management solutions that position them for future success.

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