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SAP SuccessFactors Implementation: What Does the Right Project Team Look Like?

Fotolia_99930184_XS.jpgWhen it comes to starting your SAP SuccessFactors implementation journey, you might find yourself asking this question: What does the right project team look like? In our experience, teams that were most effective at managing an SAP SuccessFactors implementation project, as well as driving the business process decisions necessary for success, had the following characteristics:

  • Were led by a full-time project manager with experience leading IT projects
  • Included HR and IT subject matter experts, business representatives, key stakeholders, and executive sponsors who were actively engaged in the project
  • Were guided by a steering or advisory committee (and in many cases, both)
  • Ensured that team members had clear roles and responsibilities, and that each team member had both the capability and capacity to execute those responsibilities
  • Created a project team governance structure that defined how the team would work together and which team members had a voice, vote, or veto
  • Ensured that the team was able to effectively and efficiently make decisions to keep the project moving forward
  • Ensured that team members used their time together effectively and productively.

We believe the ideal project team includes representatives from IT, HR, the business, and senior leadership, and the burden should not fall on just a project manager or project lead to ensure the implementation is successful. Don’t treat an SAP SuccessFactors implementation as a part time effort. Many SAP SuccessFactors implementation projects have the potential to impact each and every employee in an organization, driving efficiency, productivity, engagement and business value – anything less than staffing with an organization’s best and brightest puts the implementation at risk for failure

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Toby Vitek, PhD

Toby is Director, Strategic Enablement at 3D Results. For over 20 years, Toby has helped organizations improve the quality of their talent decisions, ensure they have the leadership pipeline in place to execute their strategies, and implement talent management solutions that position them for future success.

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