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SAP SuccessFactors Implementation: Focusing Your Project Team

Fotolia_109655382_XS.jpgOnce an implementation project team is in place, organizations are usually very eager to begin the configuration process. This eagerness often translates into trying to make decisions before doing adequate planning, discovery, visioning, and aligning. Skipping or short-changing these important steps can result in your organization missing the opportunity to fully leverage SAP SuccessFactors’ powerful capabilities.

What should the team address? Getting the most out of your SAP SuccessFactors investment requires involving team members in efforts to identify ways the system can be fully used to achieve desired goals. This includes taking the time prior to configuration to explore questions such as:

  • How do we design our business process and configuration to align and support our business and human capital strategies?
  • How should our culture be reflected and reinforced through the business processes?
  • How do we want each business process to work and why? How can the system support and enable that design?
  • What’s our desired end-user/employee/ manager/HR experience?
  • How will we measure success?

These are just a few questions that give you an idea of what you should explore during the planning phase of your project, and they can help you think about other questions you should ask to ensure your project team is aligned to what’s important for executing a successful implementation.

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Toby Vitek, PhD

Toby is Director, Strategic Enablement at 3D Results. For over 20 years, Toby has helped organizations improve the quality of their talent decisions, ensure they have the leadership pipeline in place to execute their strategies, and implement talent management solutions that position them for future success.

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