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Mobile Apply: A Five Click Game Changer

Fotolia_83979787_XS.jpg“This is going to be a game changer!” one executive proclaimed after he tried SAP SuccessFactors’ “Mobile Apply” feature from his smartphone. In five clicks or less a SAP SuccessFactors Recruitment Management system administrator can enable the Mobile Apply feature for your external candidate career site. Yes, it’s that easy. Here are the steps an admin can use to enable Mobile Apply:

  1. Log into the SAP SuccessFactors instance
  2. Click “Admin Center” (May not have to click if your home page is set to “Admin Center”)
  3. Once in Admin Center, within the Tool Search area, type “Manage Recruiting Sites” and click “Enter”
  4. Select the radio button for “Enable Mobile Apply”
  5. Click “Save” within the pop-up box and done!

Before your admin enables this in your instance, ensure the SAP SuccessFactors environment meets all these prerequisites:

  • An active Recruiting Management (RX) instance, with Candidate SSO and Real-time Job Sync enabled
  • A Recruiting Marketing (RMK) Responsive Site or a career site builder implementation
  • An SSL certificate for security purposes; all RMK customer career sites require an SSL certificate to be registered and installed on their domain

The SAP SuccessFactors Mobile Apply feature became available after the Q4 2015 product release and it supports the ability to search for jobs, create and manage a profile, and navigate through and complete the job application process using mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet. I have implemented this feature in three environments within the last six months and I agree with SAP SuccessFactors’ claims of it being “an incredibly engaging, easy application process, [which] includes support for uploading resumes from cloud-based document storage, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.” This, in my opinion is definitely a game changer.

For veteran SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting users, there are some differences to get used to:

  • Each information section (i.e., Personal Information, Job-Specific Information) or background element is designed as a collapsible section
  • The header bar where candidates used to click areas such as Job Applications, Saved Searches/Alerts, and My Offers was removed, and now each has their own collapsible sections within the candidate’s profile area
  • When applying to a job posting, the candidate profile and application are all on the same page


With 78% of American candidates willing to apply for jobs on their mobile devices [1], isn’t it time for your company to invest in a mobile application tool and bring your talent acquisition to a whole new level?

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Lorne Kurtz

Lorne Kurtz has over seven years of experience in the HR field where he has filled a variety of roles and has won awards for his exemplary work. He has deep experience in recruiting, talent acquisition, onboarding and recruiting marketing.

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