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How to Improve Your Recruiting Lifecycle featuring Williams

30 September, 2016 Dana Crosby Recruiting 0 Comments

Fotolia_107360802_XS.jpgIt takes a lot of courage to look at your organization’s recruiting lifecycle and say, “something’s not working right, and we need to make big changes.” Change almost always comes with resistance, but for Williams (a nationwide energy company), it was very much welcome. Williams’ recruitment process struggled with inefficiencies when it came to sourcing and hiring new talent. With the addition of Paul Boyett, Director of Talent Acquisition & Mobility in 2013, there was a strong commitment from Executive Leadership to improve the recruiting lifecycle. Since then, the company has been on the path to transforming itself in terms of people, process, and technology.

Williams’ first step was identifying the major challenges and pain points with its recruiting process, which included:

  • Not finding the right talent to fit the specific needs of the culture
  • Fragmented/primitive systems & third party applications
  • Lack of streamlined and consistent processes
  • Lack of recruiting marketing strategy
  • Manual onboarding
  • Career site not optimized

After identifying the significant challenges experienced with the current process and looking honestly at the previous history of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting at the company, Williams decided to go back to SAP SuccessFactors and ask for help. Williams needed an implementation partner who could take a big picture approach to talent acquisition, understand current state to ensure optimal design of future state, provide guidance and consultation on industry best practices around talent sourcing, and who could bring consultants with practitioner experience to the table. Williams was introduced to 3D Results, and once satisfied that we could deliver what it needed, the new project began.

Based on recommendations from 3D Results, Williams decided to scrap its existing Recruiting module implementation and start over completely. This resulted in a “re-implementation” of newly functioning Recruiting Management, Recruiting Marketing, and Onboarding modules that included:

  • A new, branded career site
  • Paper free operations
  • LinkedIn and LinkedIn referrals
  • Integration of HireVue – a digital interviewing provider that allows individuals to tell their stories through video. This is Williams’ single most popular feature which was initially used for college recruitment, but then found to be a time saver for candidates and managers for recruiting for all candidates.
  • Integration of Quintela for pre-hire assessments
  • Integration of Checkster for sourcing and peer references
  • Integration of GIS for background checks

Williams’ success with its recruiting cycle is one to follow as it improved the recruiting lifecycle drastically and helped the company achieve its talent strategy goals. To learn more about Williams’ recruiting success story, watch our webinar which included speakers Paul Boyett, Director of Talent Acquisition & Mobility at Williams, Matt Kelm, Director of Strategic Alliances, from HireVue, Dana Crosby, Practice Director, Recruiting, from 3D Results, and Robert Richardson, Strategic Advisor, Recruiting & Onboarding. 

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Dana Crosby

Dana is Service Director, Recruiting Services at 3D Results. She has over 15 years of experience in the HR field.

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