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How IBM® Kenexa® Talent Frameworks Can Help You Find And Keep The Right Talent

29 September, 2016 Steve Jensen IBM Kenexa 0 Comments

Fotolia_101287441_XS.jpgTalent Management professionals have long recognized the power of competency-based human capital management strategies to align HR processes with company objectives. The reason few organizations have successfully executed competency-driven performance management is that it’s very time consuming and difficult to do. IBM® Kenexa® Talent Frameworks, with its extensive job profiling and competency libraries, has changed all that. 

IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks is a library of independently researched, industry-specific, skill-based job profiles. These profiles define key responsibilities, job level, core competencies, functional and technical skills with behavioral proficiency levels, interview questions, coaching tips, SMART goals and prescriptive learning suggestions. The frameworks are a result of over 25 years of job research and the experience gained by implementing competencies in organizations across the globe.

Organizations are looking to streamline and consolidate job descriptions, source, and hire people who have the right skills and competencies to be successful in their roles, and train and develop people with targeted skill development that makes it easier for managers to lead.  These organizations will greatly benefit from integrating the Talent Frameworks data sets and deep job-specific information into existing HCM processes. Talent Frameworks makes this possible and achievable within months instead of years.

As a premier IBM Kenexa partner, the 3D Results team of I/O psychology trained consultants can help you with the consulting services and software to rapidly customize, control and publish job-related content that matches your skills-based talent blueprint.

Here's a breakdown from IBM of what Talent Frameworks can do for your organization:

  • Improved individual and organizational performance: Achieve better business results by defining and identifying the right skills needed by your organization.
  • Increased ROI: Focus on engaging employees and managers through your existing talent management tools with a common, content-rich experience.
  • Impact bottom line: Save time and money by rapidly deploying a skills-based culture more efficiently and effectively without having to develop job profile content.
  • Implement in months, not years: The Talent Frameworks industry-specific libraries include over 2,800 jobs and 2,100 competencies, each with “application accelerators” that create a “connective tissue” across all HR processes that can be easily integrated into your HCM systems.
  • Better management: Support managers with tools and resources for better candidate interviewing, career development, performance evaluation and management and compensation discussions.
  • Better Decisions: Provide analysis and support to help organizations understand skills and make informed decisions for hiring, learning and workforce optimization.

In addition, IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks can be instrumental in:

  • Staffing and recruiting: Developing competency-based position descriptions that help in making more objective hiring decisions.
  • Assessment: Aligning assessments to the high impact competencies required.
  • Succession and career planning: Ensuring consistent criteria in job families and across the organization.
  • Performance management: Ensuring clear goals and expectations, aligned to the competencies needed in a role.
  • Learning and development: Maximize your learning spend with targeted content that is mapped to competency and skill development to close performance gaps and prepare people for future roles.
  • Compensation management: Developing competency-based compensation programs that attract and retain employees.

The IBM Kenexa and SAP SuccessFactors partnership

IBM Kenexa and SAP SuccessFactors have partnered to create seamless integrations with assessments and career development planning to streamline the implementation of Talent Frameworks. 3D Results’ implementation experts are among the best in the business to make the competencies and skills come alive in your SAP SuccessFactors modules and other HCM systems.

IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks, combined with SAP SuccessFactors provides a powerful set of skills and competencies that will help you align your staffing, performance management, and development activities with your company strategies.  For more information, see our brochure.

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Steve Jensen

Steve Jensen is the Practice Director of Consulting Services at 3D Results. He has over 20 years of high-profile organizational development and learning experience utilizing leading-edge Human Capital Management technologies.

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