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Does Your Organization Have a Clearly Articulated Case for Change?

Fotolia_70511803_XS.jpgOrganizations with high HCM system user adoption take the time to position and prepare leaders and managers for their role in communicating change. Leaders need to be visible and share messages related to the business strategy. Managers must have the information they need to explain the changes to employees and describe the “what’s in it for me” proposition to their direct reports.

Before you initiate the changes, you must articulate what is changing and why - you must have a case for change. Conduct a change analysis of your culture, stakeholders, supporters, resisters, and other organizational factors.

A change analysis identifies:

  • Aspects of an organization’s culture that might impede or help a change
  • Key changes to process and policy
  • Size of the gap between current and future state
  • Risks that could derail the implementation
  • Impact to stakeholders
    • Endings and losses
    • Potential areas of resistance
    • Benefits for each stakeholder group
    • Actions needed to support the stakeholders

Conducting risk analysis early in the change process allows for a proactive mitigation plan as you near implementation. The information gathered during the impact analysis aids in developing targeted and effective communication to articulate the case for change. To increase the likelihood of high user adoption, create a cascaded approach for the deployment of messages, starting with high-level messages about business strategy coming directly from leadership. Engaged and visible executive sponsors who can clearly articulate the case for change will help your employees see that the changes are purposeful and planned.

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Kay Polenz, PhD, SPHR

Kay Polenz has over 20 years of experience as a human resources leader, focusing her career on learning, talent management, and organizational effectiveness. As a Service Director with 3D Results, Kay works at a strategic capacity with organizations, focusing on our Change Management practice.

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