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Compass Group: A Recipe for Recruiting Success

Fotolia_82912936_XSFor Compass Group North America – a food service management and support services company employing more than 220,000 people in North America – ensuring it was getting quality hires was a challenge. Until 2014, the company hired employees in its 10,000+ US locations in a manual, decentralized process. Different hiring managers in different areas had different tactics and this continued until the company realized it needed to improve its process. It was important for the company to focus on enhancing the quality of applicants.

As a first step towards centralizing its recruiting efforts and finding better quality applicants, Compass Group North America selected SuccessFactors as the applicant tracking system (ATS). It then chose 3D Results as its implementation and design partner. 3D Results used its Process on Purpose™ approach ‑ which identifies a client’s needs and opportunities and aligns both for a streamlined implementation – to make SuccessFactors operational across the organization.

3D Results also used the Dell Boomi AtomSphere® platform to integrate the system with other third party software, and set up the ATS to accommodate different processes, while striking a balance between reducing clicks for recruiters and preserving applicant’s online experience. With a mix of integrations and improvisations, 3D Results synchronized the SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing, Recruiting Management and Onboarding modules with the new automated recruiting and hiring process. According to Sam Thayer, senior HR director, the success was transformational and, “the design and engineering work that 3DR undertook led to a seamless solution that delivers a better quality candidate for us.”

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Kevin Zelensek

Service Manager, Recruiting

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