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Is Your Recruiting Software Really Broken? – Part Two: Who’s Actually Managing Your System

Business_Man_Points_to_Icon.jpgIn part one, I talked about the importance of optimizing an existing applicant tracking system (ATS) to see whether needed functionality was actually present, but not configured. This week, I’ll discuss why it’s necessary to have someone with recruiting expertise administer the system.

In many organizations, the management of the ATS rolls up under the same person or team that manages the HRIS and other HCM systems. While this may give you someone that is fluent in HR speak, that person may not understand the subtle (and not so subtle) unique requirements of your talent acquisition team.

I mentioned in part one that a recruiting solution should serve as a platform for your other talent acquisition point solutions. What does that look like in a complex organization? Here’s an example of a Texas based healthcare organization with over 25,000 employees in more than 40 locations:
  • It needed pre-hire tests to assess the behavioral predispositions of the caregiving staff, while needing completely different assessments for operators in its patient call center operations.
  • It needed different types of reference and background checking solutions to cover diverse items such as certification validation, criminal checking, drug testing, reference checking, etc.
  • To maximize its operating efficiency (and to also find ways to provide revenue creation opportunities), it needed an integrated approach for capturing Work Order Tax Credits (WOTC).

The organization had more than 24 different point solutions integrated into a real time/user interface within their “old broken” ATS. How did it accomplish this? In this case, the head of talent acquisition had to carry the flag. She made it her personal crusade because the existing HRIS support staff wasn’t as familiar as they could have been with recruiting. Her involvement ensured that they acquired the knowledge they needed and more importantly – got them aligned with the needs of their talent acquisition team.

The lesson learned here – your internal support resources should know your product AND your processes to ensure your solution is optimized to support the business’ needs.There are a vast number of valid business cases and reasons to justify replacing your existing recruiting software solution. Make sure you’ve done your homework, otherwise your new and improved solution may be broken in no time at all.

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