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A Testament for Digital Recruiting

Person_Analyzing_Financial_Statements.jpgBusiness News Daily believes that the world of recruiting has gone 100% digital and it doesn't look like this trend will stop anytime soon. Under Armour provides living proof of a talent acquisition process gone fully digital and they have only good things to say about it.

In a recent webinar, Troy Barnett, Under Armour’s Senior Director of Corporate Services Technology, spoke about how the process to digitize the candidate experience began. Under Armour started as a small company operating from Kevin Plank’s (CEO) basement. Determined not to be the “sweatiest guy” on the field, he went looking for a lightweight material other than cotton that could help him perform faster and better - thus Under Armour was born.

The company today boasts not only this innovation, but its innovative spirit. With over 12,000 unique applicants per month, it needed to digitize its recruiting processes with the assurance that everything involved in the process would be in keeping with the company’s distinctive vision and core values.

Barnett praised digital recruiting company HireVue for its help with streamlining the process for candidate selection while also creating a cool candidate experience. He gave further accolades to 3D Results for helping to creatively integrate HireVue with the SuccessFactors applicant tracking system (ATS) by “thinking outside the box” and “understanding Under Armour’s business processes and needs.”

Now, this integrated recruiting process saves time and effort for Under Armour while allowing it to recruit talent who best fit the organization’s vision and culture. In the words of Barnett, “We needed people who know how we operate and to be able to fit how we move and be able to expand and move like us—and they [3D Results & Hirevue] were able to do that.”

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Permanand Singh

Permanand is a Solution Architect at 3D Results. He has 25 years of experience in technical systems, 20 of which have been heavily involved with HRIS systems.

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