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Toby is Director, Strategic Enablement at 3D Results. For over 20 years, Toby has helped organizations improve the quality of their talent decisions, ensure they have the leadership pipeline in place to execute their strategies, and implement talent management solutions that position them for future success.
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Do You Need Performance Ratings?

In most cases, the short answer is yes.

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SAP SuccessFactors Implementation: Why Your Project Governance Team is Important

An SAP SuccessFactors implementation can be a costly endeavor and can take a significant investment of project team members’ time. A common misperception is that once the system is up and running, it needs little further attention. The reality...

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SAP SuccessFactors Implementation: Focusing Your Project Team

Once an implementation project team is in place, organizations are usually very eager to begin the configuration process. This eagerness often translates into trying to make decisions before doing adequate planning, discovery, visioning, and...

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SAP SuccessFactors Implementation: What Does the Right Project Team Look Like?

When it comes to starting your SAP SuccessFactors implementation journey, you might find yourself asking this question: What does the right project team look like? In our experience, teams that were most effective at managing an SAP...

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SAP SuccessFactors Project Governance: Voice, Vote, or Veto?

21 March, 2016 Toby Vitek, PhD Governance

In our experience, SAP SuccessFactors implementations go more smoothly, are more likely to be completed on time, and are more successful overall when they are staffed with sufficient, qualified client resources who understand their roles and...

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