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Jamie Strnisha is a consultant with the Workforce Analytics practice.

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Building an Analytics Team for Human Resources - Part 2

23 November, 2015 Jamie Strnisha Data Science

In Part 1 of “Building an Analytics Team for Human Resources,” I talked about how I’ve often found that HR tries to manage analytics out of the HRIS department and that in 75% of the organizations where I’ve seen this occur, the organization...

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Building an Analytics Team for Human Resources - Part 1

10 November, 2015 Jamie Strnisha Data Science

Recently I’ve been talking to a number of customers about how to structure and build an analytics team for Human Resources. Often, the customer is asking about an analytics team, but when I dive deeper into the conversation, I realize they’re...

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The Importance of Understanding and Identifying Employee Absence Behavior

21 September, 2015 Jamie Strnisha Data Science

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about tracking, reporting, and analytics for employee absence following a long project that I completed with a Canadian customer to implement the SuccessFactors Absence Management Metrics Pack. I also recently...

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Moneyball: Using Baseball to Better Understand Workforce Analytics

I’m a pretty avid baseball fan, especially when it comes to my hometown team, the Washington Nationals. But, it wasn’t until I learned how to keep score and understand the data and analytics that are inherently part of baseball, that I really...

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Workforce Analytics: Two Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Jumping Into SuccessFactors Reporting

I recently attended a two-day SuccessFactors VIP Event at Allstate for customers interested in reporting and analytics.If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of these events, I highly recommend it – it is a great opportunity to learn more...

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