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Carl Schleyer is a data scientist who focuses on exploring and predicting employee behavior. He has spent most of the last decade committed to improving the lives of employees, strengthening HR brands and the profitability of organizations.
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Why HR Professionals Must Develop Analytics Competencies

25 March, 2015 Carl Schleyer Data Science

According to, “people analytics attempts to remove gut instinct, intuition and human biases from talent management in order to make workforce decisions in an evidence-based and data-driven way.” This is also known as workforce...

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The Holistic "Big Data" Recipe

29 July, 2014 Carl Schleyer Data Science

Despite being a “data-derived decisions” kind of guy, I cringe a bit when I hear “big data.”These two words have been buzzing around the HR zeitgeist, and it concerns me because there’s a lack of clarity surrounding what “big data” really means,...

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