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Are you ready for the August 2015 SuccessFactors Upgrade?

03 June, 2015 Del Rae Grose 0 Comments

man_with_icons_in_hand.jpgIn about two months, SuccessFactors will do a system wide update that will change both the user interface and functionality of the application in simple terms, the way it looks and the way it works. For SuccessFactors customers on version 11 (v11), it is critical that you are aware of some of the changes that will occur in version 12 (v12). Customers on the Standard Servers will experience the update in August 2015. Customers on the Premium Servers will be updated in September 2015. The changes will occur mainly in the User Interface, Employee Profile, Home Page, Org Chart, Dashboards, and OneAdmin Tools. Here are a few specifics:

Changes that will occur in terms of the v12 User Interface:

All users will have a new page header (e.g. home page) with navigation menu and people search, as well as a new Employee Quickcard. If enabled, Theme Manager will be visible to company administrators with the appropriate permissions. The look and feel of some UI elements such as some buttons or banners may change on some pages, with no effect on functionality. Below are some highlighted changes:

      • Employee Quickcard
        • An updated design of the Employee Quickcard
        • An optional photo-caching framework
      • Homepage
        • Instead of portlets, you will get tiles that an administrator will be able to change and configure
        • Interactive design allows your organization to create a personalized view of critical data
        • Access to SAP Jam
      • Themes
        • Creative, cool theme pages can display culture and branding test and production environments available
        • Different themes are available for different divisions of your company
      • Employee Profile
        • Public view enables employees to add profile data and a personalized background; photo library can be controlled by an admin and include company photos
        • Navigation aligns with other dropdown menus; tabs are removed
        • Consistent with v12 design
      • Scorecard
        • A quick snapshot of Performance, Potential, and other key data elements
      • Org Chart
        • Built for mobile services
        • Dynamic layout rotates and gives you more screen real estate
        • Uses version 12 Quickcard
Changes that will occur in terms of Functionality:
      • Dashboards 1.0 will be turned off and cannot be used after August. Your organization must have a plan to implement and be ready for Dashboards 2.0
      • Once the release comes out, even if you are using the new tools, the “Old Admin Tools” link will be gone
      • Benefits changes include: advanced self-service, reduced support tickets, simplified UI, and a “my favorites” tile
So how do you prepare for August?

We suggest starting by determining which areas of your system need to be upgraded and evaluating the timing of any other planned upgrades. Ensure that these upgrades happen before August. Review any current training and support materials what will need to be updated? Upgrade what you can and work with a partner or SuccessFactors to upgrade back end structures. As you make these upgrades make sure to test during or after the August release.

The information above is a summarization of a more in depth conversation that can be found in the August 2015 Upgrades Webinar

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Del Rae Grose

Del Rae is Vice President, Services at 3D Results. She is an innovative and practical leader, leveraging 28 years in Human Resources strategy, process improvement, and deep knowledge of technological systems in order to architect business solutions.

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