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5 Steps to Save You from Drowning in a Sea of Data

30 August, 2016 Linda Moeller Data Science

There is no shortage of data. As MIT Technology Review Senior Editor, Antonio Regalado noted, less than 1% of data is ever analyzed. Many of us are drowning in a sea of data while thirsting for knowledge. Faced with this, executives are...

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Compensation Statements in SuccessFactors: Standard vs. Custom

In most organizations, compensation statements are system-generated letters that communicate the total compensation approved for an employee. The information provided includes salary, short- and long-term incentives, and other benefits, such as...

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6 Traits to Look for when Hiring an LMS Admin

Throughout my learning and talent development career, I’ve always been involved with Learning Management Systems (LMSs). It’s the perfect blend of my passion for learning and developing leaders and my geeky love for data and technology. Along the...

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SAP SuccessFactors Platform Components – Part 6: Core Platform and Rating Scales

In this final post of my six-part Platform Components series, I will be looking at Rating Scales and the other Core Platform elements. Before I jump into the details, let’s look one more time at the visual I have been using to represent the...

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3DR Cube - Because Excel is NOT an Olympic sport!

16 August, 2016 Linda Moeller Data Science

Most HCM environments today are a combination of multiple systems, including HRIS, Payroll, Recruiting, Goals, Performance, Learning, Succession, and more. The volume of HCM data and its complexity increase as applications and business demands...

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