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5 Steps to Save You from Drowning in a Sea of Data

Fotolia_87559999_XS.jpgThere is no shortage of data. As MIT Technology Review Senior Editor, Antonio Regalado noted, less than 1% of data is ever analyzed. Many of us are drowning in a sea of data while thirsting for knowledge. Faced with this, executives are challenging their analytics teams to “get predictive,” yet few HCM leaders know where to even start! The 3D Results Data Science team leverages the following five key steps to help clients move up the analytics maturity curve and achieve business impact:

  • Align to Business Strategy - Over the course of decades helping our clients, 3D Results has discovered that clients must first start with business strategy. It is not sufficient to offer best-in-class HR metrics. Rather, we have seen the most success when clients choose metrics that are aligned to the business strategy and offer a clear view of progress towards these goals.
  • Develop Measurement Strategy - Once aligned with executives regarding key business questions, analytics teams need to align their data. Identifying key ways to measure progress against goals requires an analytics team to integrate data, technology, people, and programs. Driving excellence at the process level requires a great deal of expertise and collaboration with leaders within these functions. Furthermore, finding the right data is not easy. Technology is a key enabler to people analytics deliverables – both descriptive reporting and advanced analytics. However, it is critical to integrate the capabilities of the technology with expertise from within the measured domains.
  • Identify Scalable Opportunities - This integrated approach allows 3D Results to specifically identify key areas of success for our clients. We have worked with many organizations to create valuable descriptive reports which start generating value quickly to establish credibility. This allows analytics teams to build their brand while investing a significant portion of resources on longer term but higher impact projects.
  • Optimize Results - Business environments, work environments, and the workforce are constantly changing. These changes require continual review of progress and strategy. With the help of our 3D Results process colleagues, we assist our clients to create action plans based on their analytics and ensure business impact is achieved.
  • Leverage Analytics as a Competitive Advantage – When business data is integrated with workforce data to clearly connect workforce trends, decisions, and plans to outcomes, analytics teams are able to influence a data driven culture. Decisions are made not only to HR outcomes — such as increased engagement, reduced turnover, more effective recruiting — but also to business outcomes they desire: Increased customer satisfaction, higher margins, and more revenue inevitably result. The use of data aligns the organization on the actions they need to take and the goal of “getting predictive” can be realized.

Our team of Data Science experts has the knowledge and the skills required to help our clients create a relevant, valid, compelling, and sustainable analytics function.

To learn more about how our Data Science as a Service offering can help drive your organization to make decisions with data versus intuition, schedule a call with our team.

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Linda Moeller

Linda is Director, Data Science at 3D Results. Linda oversees our team of innovative data scientists as they consult with clients and implement the SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics module and reporting tools as well as 3DR Cube.

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