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5 Project Management Best Practices for your SuccessFactors Implementation

Your organization has decided to implement the full SuccessFactors HCM suite. You are responsible for the success of that implementation – now what? While there are many considerations that go into planning a successful implementation, here are 5 key areas you should consider first.


1. Governance Structure: A governance structure should be established for both the project and future management of the system. This structure will dictate the escalation path for issues, as well as identify decision makers for any items that can’t be resolved within the individual module workstreams. On an ongoing basis, this would be the group to review quarterly changes and make decisions on items that are opt-in. Since there are changes that will impact multiple modules, this group should include members from each of the applicable areas.

2. Assemble the Right Team: The people chosen for the team will make or break the implementation. The individuals should be knowledgeable in their subject areas (performance management, recruiting, etc.) They should also have the authority to make decisions concerning configuration of the system. Nothing slows down a project faster than having to raise every decision up a level. Most importantly, they need to have the time to dedicate to the project in addition to their “day” jobs. Understand the level of effort required for each of the project teams, because some work streams may require more effort than others.

3. Be Realistic: When putting the project schedule and timeline together, be realistic about what your team can accomplish and how much change your organization can absorb. Your implementation partners may be able to move at a speed faster than your project team. Your team may also have process redesign work as part of the effort, which will impact your schedule.

4. Timing of the Modules: The sequence of implementing the modules is another consideration when building out your plan. You can base it on your performance schedule or learning requirements. It can also be done by organizational need to solve a specific problem. The key is to make the decisions purposefully. Changing the schedule after the project has started can be difficult, and potentially disastrous for the budget, too.

5. Change Management: Another key component of a successful implementation is managing the change the organization will face with a new system and associated processes. Change management includes the communications to the organization ‑ formal and informal – training, and other key reference materials. Project team members should be change champions, starting positive buzz for the changes coming with the new system.

With these 5 best practices taken into consideration you will be better prepared to take on your SuccessFactors implementation and ensure a positive outcome.

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Trish Kozola

Trish Kozola is Practice Director, Project Management at 3D Results. She is a versatile, high-energy leader with over 17 years of experience who provides oversight of our Project Management Office (PMO).

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