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5 Elements for Successful Change Management

Fotolia_107099692_XS.jpgThe results and outcomes of a project or initiative are defined by, and depend upon, employees adopting the change. During times of change, change management is a critical tool for delivering results and outcomes, not an optional add-on or afterthought. A key element of managing change is to have a methodology and model for purposeful change.

In particular, for an HCM system implementation, there are five elements to include in your plan to create a holistic approach to managing change.

  • Communication – Ongoing and frequent communication is required to inform people of what will change, the reason for change and how they will benefit. It is also important to inform employees about what they can do to support the changes and the goals of the organization.
  • Training – Adoption of a new HCM system requires new skills. An investment in training will reinforce your commitment both to your employees and to ongoing business transformation.
  • Support – The natural extension of training is an enduring support structure that will address end-user questions.
  • Governance – To manage the evolution of technical and process changes, it’s important to establish an organizational decision-making framework to govern how the system will be used to address ongoing business needs.
  • Feedback loops – Change is an ongoing process that relies on gathering feedback, reinforcing behaviors and measuring results. Developing feedback tools can help ensure the changes are sustained, rewarded and measured.

Addressing the impact of change by incorporating the five elements into your plan will help create successful change that engages employees and improves the likelihood of achieving your project and talent strategy objectives.

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Kay Polenz, PhD, SPHR

Kay Polenz has over 20 years of experience as a human resources leader, focusing her career on learning, talent management, and organizational effectiveness. As a Service Director with 3D Results, Kay works at a strategic capacity with organizations, focusing on our Change Management practice.

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