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4 Ways that 3D Results Makes the Virtual Workplace Work Well

Fotolia_95407494_XS.jpgAccording to an article from (the foremost authority on how, when, and where people are working), 3.7 million employees now work from home at least half the time. Around 80-90% of the workforce says they would like to telework in this manner. At least 50% of the workforce has a partial telework arrangement, while some have it at a 20-25% frequency (so there is some type of arrangement).

Although virtual work arrangements are increasing from year to year, it is rare that organizations are fully virtual. In saying so, we’d like to point out that 3D Results fits into this “rare” category. Our entire organization is virtual (and it’s one of the reasons why it’s such a great place to work; find out the other reasons here).

What strategies do we use to make our virtual workplace successful? Here are 4.

 1. Everyone works virtually

While some organizations base the ability to work from home on tenure, level of experience, or role, we offer this opportunity to everybody. You need a fast Internet connection and the self-discipline to stay focused in the home environment, but there are no other criteria for working virtually. Keep in mind that working from home is not for everyone. You should honestly assess whether you can keep to a work schedule without giving in to the other demands of home during working hours.

 2. Our infrastructure supports the virtual workplace

3D Results continually invests in the technologies that enable efficient work and communication among virtual teams, including email, file sharing, web conferencing software, and instant messaging. All our systems are cloud-based and accessible from multiple devices to accommodate working from both home and client sites, as well as airports and hotels.

 3. We focus on onboarding 

We’ve streamlined our onboarding process and use SuccessFactors to manage new hire needs. For example, we use the learning management system (LMS) to deliver critical training on security, brand awareness, and employment policies. We communicate quickly and effectively in getting you provisioned with the technology you’ll need and remain in regular contact during your initial weeks and months.

 4. We communicate effectively and often

We understand that not being in an office environment day in and day out can make some employees feel disconnected. Our solution is to communicate effectively and often. We send weekly company-wide newsletters out that include administrative updates, important reminders, and employee spotlights. The newsletter also allows our employees to share kudos, the adorable pets they have, and anything else of interest with the 3DR family.

Our monthly all-hands meetings are an opportunity for employees to hear the news from leadership and for us to talk with each other. It is often a cheerful hour with friendly and humorous banter that still effectively ensures that everyone has an opportunity to have their voice heard.

So what are our results?

3D Results retains some of the best and top talent in our industry, and we believe that the ability to work from home is a key factor in attracting and keeping that talent. We also have high productivity and employee engagement due to the flexibility that a virtual workplace provides. And everyone is happy not to deal with rush hour traffic!

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Jasmin Miah

Marketing Coordinator at 3D Results.

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