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4 Things you need to know about the August 16, 2015 SuccessFactors Upgrades

13 August, 2015 Del Rae Grose 0 Comments

Laptop Work-3This weekend, SuccessFactors is doing a system wide update that will change both the user interface and functionality of the application ‑ in simple terms, the way it looks and the way it works. For SuccessFactors customers on version 11 (v11), it is critical that you are aware of some of the changes that will occur in version 12 (v12). Customers on the Standard Servers will experience the update this month, while customers on the Premium Servers will be updated in September 2015. The changes will occur mainly in the User Interface, Employee Profile, Home Page, Org Chart, and OneAdmin Tools. Here are a few specifics:

  1. Changes that will occur in terms of the v12 User Interface:
  • All users will have a new home page with navigation menu and people search, as well as a new Employee Quickcard
  • If enabled, Theme Manager will be visible to company administrators with the appropriate permissions
  • The look and feel of some UI elements such as some buttons or banners may change on some pages, with no effect on functionality
  1. The changes that will occur in terms of Functionality:
  • OneAdmin ‑ once the release comes out, the “Old Admin Tools” link will be gone
  • The menu structure will move from a horizontal to a vertical position
  • Some elements in the scorecard, if enabled, may no longer function or be available
  • Note: Initially Dashboards 1.0 was set to retire with this release, but that has now been pushed to early 2016. Dashboards 1.0 will continue to be available until then.
  1. Benefits from these changes include:
  • Advanced self-service
  • Reduced support tickets
  • A simplified User Interface (UI)
  • A “my favorites” tiles
  1. How to prepare for the upgrade:
  • Review the release notes on the customer community. Review any current training and support materials ‑ make adjustments. Test after the August 16 release this weekend. The information above is a summarization of a more in depth conversation that can be found here: August 2015 Upgrades Webinar.

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Del Rae Grose

Del Rae is Vice President, Services at 3D Results. She is an innovative and practical leader, leveraging 28 years in Human Resources strategy, process improvement, and deep knowledge of technological systems in order to architect business solutions.

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