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4 Steps to Generate a Document in Employee Central

Fotolia_104182361_XS.jpgFor those of you who may be unfamiliar with this functionality, the Document Generation feature within SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) allows users to generate documents for employees. Some examples of documents you might need include proof of employment, compensation, experience, proof of address, etc. The creation of a document can be completed in four steps:

  • Create the template which includes inserting graphics, creating the content of the body, and inserting placeholders for dynamic content
  • Configure the settings for email delivery
  • Map the data from EC and/or business rules into the document template
  • Generate and email the document

1. Create a template

To create the document template, navigate to Admin Center > Employee Files > Document Generation – Manage Document Template.


Once on the page, click “Create New - Document Generation Template.” Give your template a name, for example “Proof of Employment” and then fill in the rest of the fields – country, language, status, and template content.


In the template content box, you can insert graphics, such as your company logo, and body content. The “P” icon allows you to insert placeholders for dynamic content, for example [[TodaysDate]] or [[FirstName]].


Documents can be created by ESS (Employee Self Service) and/or MSS (Manager Self Service) as long as People Profile 3 and correct role permissions have been granted. Click Save and you are done with the first step.

2. Configure email settings

Navigate to Admin Center > Employee Files > Document Generation – Manage Document Template.

Once on the page, click “Create New – Email Setting for Document Generation Template.” Fill in the field for country, the template you just created, and the distribution list you want to send to. At the bottom, you can choose “Job Relationship Email Settings” which enable the employee to include an individual like their manager, HR manager, etc., in the distribution. It also has a box where you can choose whether that individual should be in the “To” or “cc” field of the email. Click Save and you are done with the second step.


3. Map the data

To map the data, navigate to Admin Center > Employee Files> Document Generation – Manager Document Template Mapping.

Go to the “Select Template” drop down and choose the template that was just created. What appears on the page are the fields where the placeholders were determined during the document template creation process. There are four different types of mappings: Direct, Past Direct, Future Direct, and Calculated (explained in detail during your implementation).

For the [[TodaysDate]] placeholder, Calculated Mapping will be used. For the [[FirstName]] and [[LastName]] placeholder, Direct Mapping will be used. Click save and you are done with the third step.


4. Generate the Document

To generate the document, navigate to Admin Center > Employee Files > Document Generation – Generate Document.

Fill in the country, language, template, user, “as of” date, and document type fields. Then click “Generate and Email” if you want to send the email or “Download” if you wish to save as a PDF. You have completed the fourth and final step.


This concludes how to configure Document Generation in four steps. 

Watch the video DEMO of these steps here: Watch Now

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JoAnne Linsell

JoAnne Linsell has over 20 years of experience in HR and technology, 15 of which she spent as a consultant, project manager, executive coach, and director of consulting and project operations departments. As a Senior Consultant at 3D Results, JoAnne works directly with clients on the deployment of their SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central module.

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