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3DR Cube - Because Excel is NOT an Olympic sport!

Fotolia_102309311_XS.jpgMost HCM environments today are a combination of multiple systems, including HRIS, Payroll, Recruiting, Goals, Performance, Learning, Succession, and more. The volume of HCM data and its complexity increase as applications and business demands continue to grow. In order to join these disparate data systems, many of our clients have told us they rely on their analysts, or worse, their managers to perform “Excel Olympics.”

While some who use this manual and arduous approach have the thrill of victory, most experience the agony of defeat. These epic fails include falling headfirst into inaccurate data, colliding perilously into inconsistent report delivery, flubbing handoffs by not accurately combining data, and flaming out by consistently reporting irrelevant data.

Enter 3DR Cube a reporting, people analytics, and data visualization platform designed to unify human capital data from any source, giving you insights you need at the speed of business.  Over the past year we have been working with some of our most innovative clients to alleviate these pain points and create champions using our innovative new platform. By combining data from multiple systems, we are able to move our clients from being providers of basic reports to key drivers of business insight. Additionally, with 3DR Cube our clients can now:

  • Snapshot data – enabling complete historical reporting
  • Perform dynamic statistical discovery – going beyond simple correlations into predictive analysis and move from think, feel or believe, to know.
  • Create enhanced visualizations including heat maps – C-suite worthy visualizations which ensure user adoption and business engagement.

These are just some of the key features of 3DR Cube. See a full list of the key features here

3DR Cube is a complementary tool to the built-in reporting and analytics capabilities in SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. It provides real time access to the insights leaders need to quickly respond to changes in the business environment and to accelerate talent initiatives. From recruiting, to learning, to core HR and payroll, 3DR Cube gives users exactly what they need to take home the gold and answer the strategic questions the business is asking of human resources.

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Linda Moeller

Linda is Director, Data Science at 3D Results. Linda oversees our team of innovative data scientists as they consult with clients and implement the SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics module and reporting tools as well as 3DR Cube.

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