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3 Ways You Can Improve Talent Management Processes with Your SuccessFactors LMS


In a busy, fast paced business world, many companies seek to utilize every tool they have to succeed in their industries. One important tool is learning. Building a talent pool with employees that possess current knowledge and skills is invaluable. This is possible through your SuccessFactors LMS.

Here are 3 ways to improve your talent management processes from within your SuccessFactors LMS:

1. Identify the Process

First, identify learning and development needs by performing a skills gap analysis: What skills do your employees need to develop to meet company goals? From there, you can design learning curricula that meet the specific requirements of various skill sets. Then, using the LMS, you can track employees as they go through the process of acquiring those skills. A manager can monitor skill development progress throughout the employee’s tenure and make sure it aligns and meets with both the employee’s goals and the company’s overall goals ‑ ultimately impacting the bottom line in a positive way.

2. Tie Learning to Performance

The use of qualitative and quantitative measures is important in determining whether learning truly has an effect on performance. Our instincts tell us that training and skill-building should have a positive effect on both organizational and individual performance, but it’s the numbers that will confirm this. For an accurate picture of how learning enhances overall performance, organizations should be prepared to implement analytics capabilities along with the LMS.

3. Have a Plan for Succession

Does the employee stand out in a way that other employees do not? Do they have a proficiency that is highly valued? With learning tied to performance, the natural outcome of high performance is promotion through an established succession plan. The succession plan ensures the employee is recognized for their hard work while also allowing space for more talent to rise and for those nearing retirement to depart with minimal business impact.


A learning management system is an important enabler for certain critical talent management processes, such as performance and succession. We believe that the SuccessFactors LMS is uniquely positioned to deliver on this promise through its native functionality. If you have questions about bringing your SuccessFactors LMS to the next level, contact us and one of our representatives will be glad to speak with you.

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