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3 Elements of Company Culture that 3D Results is Doing Right

People Together-8What makes an organization great to work for? What makes employees loyal and motivated to put in extra time and effort? What moves them to give rave reviews and refer their friends and colleagues? There are many things that organizations do that make them destinations for top talent, but here are three in particular that we’re proud of at 3D Results, and that we feel make our company a great place to work.

1. We value listening

Listening is one of our core values. It seems a given, but it’s not. At 3D Results, our leadership and management listen to what our people have to say and they carefully consider their response. This listening is done in different ways – by giving everyone a chance to talk and share their successes, failures, and their frustrations with each other; by understanding different personalities and working with them because they recognize not everyone works the same; and by instituting a strong performance and goal plan that takes growth and development conversations to the next level. Our listening isn’t limited to our own employees, it’s also a core value when we work with our clients. We believe it’s a real differentiator that helps us meet our clients’ business needs.

2. We respect work-life balance

We respect the fact that our people aren’t machines that can keep cranking on endlessly. We’re all human – with health, families, pets, partners, and homes that need to be taken care of. So we provide benefits like unstructured vacation and working virtually, and we understand when employees need to step away from work to take care of their kids for a few hours or get to that doctors appointment. Health and happiness matter to us.

3. We treat people fairly

Another one of our core values is our belief in treating our employees and clients fairly and ethically. The level of trust between 3D Results and our employees and our clients has been built with this principle in place. We believe in openly communicating with any issues that might occur whether that’s related to the workplace or a project/implementation. Our promise to look after the best interests of our employees and clients means we take our responsibilities to them seriously.


We value a company culture that emphasizes our core values of listening, respecting work-life balance, and treating our employees and clients fairly and ethically. Company culture is something that pervades the way we think and we work. The old but familiar adage of treating others the way you’d want to be treated comes to mind. With that, we understand that in order to succeed and thrive as an organization, we have to treat both our employees and clients with a level of respect, fairness, and understanding that many other organizations have yet to grasp. If you are interested in learning more about who we are or what we do, contact us. If you want to know how you can join an organization that values and respects its people, see our available opportunities.

Rebecca Hirschfield

Rebecca Hirschfield is the Director of Marketing at 3D Results

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