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10 Best Practices for Year End Performance Planning

Working Hard-1With 2016 right around the corner, you might be thinking, “Where did the time go, and what should I be doing about year-end performance planning?” Luckily, we did a webinar recently that covered this topic and offered 10 best practices for this important transition.

A Few Highlights:


  • Start planning now! Start 3 months ahead of time to prevent an end-of-year rush and avoid making critical errors.
  • Identify key dates and activities with the business and HR. Close down 2015, prepare for the new cycle in 2016, and anticipate changes that will support 2016. This might include activities like updating FAQs and other materials for your support personnel.
  • Still not on Dashboard 2.0? Make sure you are! Dashboard 1.0 will go away in 2016 and you will be expected to upgrade to 2.0. It’s better to prepare for it now than get caught unaware later.
  • Review new features. This year SuccessFactors came out with a lot of great releases (one of the benefits of being on a SaaS model) so check out the new functionalities you’d like to adopt and start making plans to operationalize them.

Closing down 2015

  • Think about Goal plans and whether they should be locked down, remain open, or be read only. Think about performance and development and consider whether users should be able to edit past 2015 or if earlier years should be hidden or visible.
  • Optimize your Forms accordingly. Have email notifications for users who are late and consider whether you want to delete forms for inactive employees.
  • Manage your to-do list and review pending tasks.

Prepare for New Cycles Supporting 2016

  • Ask key stakeholders from last year’s processes for feedback. If any pain points are identified, determine if your company can address them. Now is the time to look back at your configuration. You’ll be amazed how small tweaks can make large impacts on adoption and satisfaction with SuccessFactors.
  • Prepare your reports and update email notification templates. If you have multi-language functionality, make sure all of the languages that pertain to your organization are checked/selected.
  • Test, test, test! There’s nothing worse than not testing during staging and then going live with a host of problems that can easily turn into your worst nightmare.

System Support

  • Make sure your support documentation and materials are updated. Ensure that support personnel have updated FAQ, training, and change management materials.
  • Update your Welcome Portlet and other homepage tiles.


These were just a few of the highlights from the topics that were covered. The webinar also included a list of 10 best practices that will help you better organize your efforts around year-end planning. If you have any additional questions about year-end planning, contact us for more information.

Click the button to download a recording of the webinar: Watch Now

Rob Comesanas

Service Manager, Talent Management

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